"The fact that hierarchal organisations require ever more rules, regulations and control for them to function, is a clear indication that this model has reached

the end of its operational lifespan" 

Evert Bleijenberg MBA

Organisation Strategist, Author, Futurist & Keynote Speaker

Book about Swarm Organisation
Evert Bleijenberg author of Swarm Organisation

"Luckily we have something

  much better now" 

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Swarm Organisation

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 ‘Swarm Organisation’ provides a very practical alternative for hierarchy as the main driver of control, it includes a clear methodology to capture the wisdom of the crowd, and it offers a very powerful tool: the Swarm Scan. In this book, scientifically proven insights are being made practical for managers.  

A must-read. 

Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit

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The Swarm Solution is the first in its kind. It combines the properties of both human and natural organisation systems in a innovative holographic-holistic  model. This "best of both worlds" approach could very well be the next great evolution in organisation design. We believe it has the potential to replace models like Agile and Scrum.

Evert Bleijenberg MBA

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Self-organisation is the only way forward for future organisations. The Swarm Solution together with the Swarm Scan gives individuals and organisations a new and surprisingly sharp insight in their own organising behaviour. 

It also painfully explains why our current organisation models no longer work.

HRM Specialist


Get on board!

Recently we have completed our brand new SWARM Practitioner course. Now you can learn how to become a future proof and highly valued participant in any (Swarm) Organisation.

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The six main benefits

SWARM Organisations

  1. Are more Resilient, Robust & Future Proof.

  2. Are more Efficient and Rewarding.

  3. Are more Innovative.

  4. Are more Appreciated by their Environment.

  5. Improve Stakeholder Wellbeing and Motivation.

  6. Improve Organisation Attitude and Behaviour.

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