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Academy Coach

The Swarm Coach

As a Swarm Coach you will learn how to support other swarm users or swarm groups with coaching sessions and providing them with supporting feedback. You will learn how to use the Swarm Multi Scan tool to identify group status and progress.

Swarm Organisation

As a swarm coach you develop the skills to coach people in swarm organisations. This makes you an expert Swarm employee and an important supportive force for others using the Swarm model. You will learn to observe Swarm users within an organisation, to listen to them, to ask the right questions and to support them with positive feedback. You will learn how to use and interpret the Swarm Scan and the Swarm Multi-Scan, so that both individuals and the organisation can see their progress.

The Course

  • Requires that you already are a swarm practitioner and have experience in coaching.

  • Is based on self-study, is modular in design and can be followed at your own pace. 

  • Requires you to read the course manual and watch the 7 (online) videos of approx. 10 to 15 min. 

  • Has weekly evaluation and/or peer review session by a certified Swarm Master. 

  • Includes the manual, the online videos, 4 Intervision sessions and use of the swarm scan.

  • Completing the theory sessions will earn you a certificate of participation.

  • To qualify for a full Swarm Coach Certification, you must also complete the 3 live practice sessions of approx. 2.5 hours .

  • You’ll receive a 1 year free membership. 

  • Participation online course, price                                           €595 

  • Life practice exercises (min. 3p – max. 6p), price                 €795

Learning goals

  • Being able to observe people in organizations.

  • Knowing to ask the right questions, in an open and non-threatening way.

  • Defining goals and motivation together with others by giving positive feedback.

  • Being able to apply the Swarm Coaching template.

  • Mastering the essentials of the Swarm Organization and being able to clarify them for others.

  • Knowing and understanding the essentials of the swarm model, the 3 containers, the twelve element and being able to make the link to inspiration, motivation, attitude and behavior.

  • Using the swarm scan and multi scan, interpreting it correctly and extracting the determining behavior and points for improvement.

  • Knowing and being able to explain the relationship between the results of the Swarm Scan and organizational problems.

Overview of the course

Module 1. The essence of coaching.

Module 2. Swarm coaching

Module 3.The Swarm Solution

Module 4. The Swarm Scan

Module 5.The Swarm Scan and Organisation Symptoms

Module 6.The Swarm Scan Analisys

Module 7. Swarm Scan Profiling

Skills development, exercise situations, application of swarm scan.

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