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Swarm Organisation

Are the latest innovation in strategic organisation development. Their focus on mutual beneficial collaboration, common purpose, autonomous self-organisation & distributed leadership, enables them to achieve greater agility, adaptability, sustainability and overall effectiveness. 

mutual beneficial cooperation

Swarm Organisations

distributed leadership

self organization


What is it?

Swarm Organisations are decentralized, networked structures that leverage the collective intelligence, expertise and creativity of their members to achieve common goals. Unlike traditional hierarchical organizations, Swarm Organisations rely on distributed decision-making and self-organisation
 to tackle complex problems and make informed decisions
in real-time. This makes them highly agile, adaptable, and capable of quickly responding to changing conditions

Why do we need it now?

Over the last decades, our society has experienced an extreme increase in change, a development that is anticipated to become permanent. Organisations with a traditional, hierarchal structure are not equipped for highly volatile environments. They can’t keep up. As a result many experience an increase in eco-system mismatches and fail to create value for their stakeholders.

How does it work?

The SWARM Organisation model combines human and swarm organisation principles in a best of both worlds solution. Organisations that adopt the Swarm Organisation model, have reconsidered traditional approaches to decision-making and leadership. They provide their employees with insights, resources and support. They also foster a strong sense of community, creating a supportive culture that values open communication and collaboration. They exploit new structures, technologies and processes to facilitate the collaboration.

SWARM has defined 3 focus areas for the transition.

Adopt the SWARM Organisation Narrative

Swarm Organisation Evert Bleijenberg

The first step in the transition to self-organisation is to understand its differences with hierarchic structures. What are the principles and main benefits. We provide keynotes and supporting materials to bring the narrative across. 

Develop a SWARM Organisation Mindset & Behaviour

Swarm Organisation Evert Bleijenberg

Second is to develop a self-organisation mindset and behaviour. The SWARM Solution is a model that helps people understand and develop this new way of organising. The SWARM Scan helps to monitor progress.

Implement a SWARM Organisation Framework

SWARM Framework.png

Third, SWARM Organisation requires a different approach to structure. We have developed a basic framework & guidelines that help set-up and administer a self-organising collective. Book a consult to discuss your options.

What will it bring ?

"Rapid adaptation to change is the new

competitive advantage"

Future successful organisations must not be ‘built to last’ but ‘build to adapt’. They will need to move away from structure, hierarchy and control, and embrace the concept of an adaptive self-organising network.

​The 6 benefits of Swarm Organisations:

They quickly respond to changing conditions

Solve complex problems in real time 

Mutual beneficial cooperation makes them purpose driven

Are more motivated, take ownership

Create more value

Are resilient and future proof

Where to start ?

Simpel, click the button below and read on!

The Book

SWARM Organisation is the brain child of Evert Bleijenberg MBA. After many years in sr. management en strategy consultancy, he concluded that our current industrial age organisation models fail in the face of extreme changes in our society, as caused by Artificial  Intelligence and Bio-Technology. A radical new approach is necessary. As a professional wild life videographer he observed the self-organising behaviour of large animals collectives: SWARMS. From these insights he developed a new organisation narrative that combines the essential properties from both Human and Natural organisation systems. In 2020 he published his book SWARM Organisation and started bringing the new model to the world.

Click the image to order the e-book. Prefer a hard copy? Goto, or

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