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Swarm Organisation

Are more resilient, adaptive and future proof. They improve creative leadership, decision making & event response time and reduce management overhead. They increase innovation and motivation and reduce stakeholder inequality.

resilient organisations

Swarm Organisations

veerkrachtige organisaties

What is it?

SWARM Organisation is the latest innovation in strategic organisation development. It combines human and natural self-organisation principles in a best of both worlds solution.

The 6 properties of swarm intelligence

1. The collective facilitates self-organisation of fully autonomous units

2. The collective is designed around roles

3. There is simultaneous generalism & specialism in the units

4. Units mirror each other and the whole collective

5. There is redundant connectivity between units

6. Internal diversity matches any aspect of the environment

Why do we need it?

In the last 25 years the rate of change and complexity in our world has increased to the point where traditional, hierarchal structured organisations no longer function. As a result, many experience an increase in inequality and eco-system mismatches. They fail to outperform the competition and create value for their stakeholders. A new and future proof organisation strategy is desperately needed to speed up organisation change. The SWARM Organisation model is designed to address this challenge.

How does it work?

The SWARM Solution is a holistic, rational-intuitive model that looks at the underlying properties of human behaviour in organisations. It uses the SWARM Scan to identify these properties, build a self-organising mindset and so improve its adaptive capacity.

Swarm Organisation

The SWARM Scan TM identifies the issues you may face, now or in the future, and relates this to key behavioural elements within your organisation. Would you like to know how you are doing?

What will it bring ?

SWARM supports individuals and organisations with a practical model to create an adaptive mindset, and excel at change strategy in our society. It uses swarm intelligence to create a mindset that continuously facilitates the creation of any required behaviour, for any specific situation and environment at any given point in time.

The 6 Key Benefits

"Rapid adaptation to change is the new

competitive advantage"

Future successful organisations must not be ‘built to last’ but ‘build to adapt’. They will need to move away from structure, hierarchy and control, and embrace the model of an adaptive self-organising network.

​Swarm Organisations:

1. Are More Future Proof

Becauyse they utilize redundant communication networks, a role-based design and encourage continues self-reflection This increases swarm intelligence and improves adaptability.

2. Are More Efficient and Rewarding 

Because self-organisation reduces event response time and the need for extensive structure, control and management overhead.

3. Are More Innovative

Because they are designed around roles instead of hierarchy. They advocate unlimited knowledge sharing, skill diversity and create an atmosphere of trust. This improves the creative processes. 

4. Are More Appreciated by their Environment

Because they focus on empathic human values and show respect for our limited natural resources. This makes them more agreeable and sustainable.

5. Improve Stakeholder Wellbeing and Motivation

Because they are more transparent, provide more participation in decision making and reduce stakeholder inequality. This raises the sense of involvement and appreciation.

6. Improve overall Organisation Attitude and Behaviour

Which makes them better equipped to fulfill the requirements of their environment.

The Book

Swarm Organisation is the brain child of Evert Bleijenberg MBA. After many years in sr. management en strategy consultancy, he concluded that our current hierarchical organisation models no longer work and that a radical new approach was needed. As a professional wild life videographer he observed the behavior of animals in large groups. From these insights he developed a new organisation paradigm that combines the essential properties from both Human and Natural organisation systems. In 2019 established Swarm Organisation B.V. In 2020 his book about Swarm Organisation was published and a start was made bringing the new model to the market.

Click the image to order the e-book. Sent us a message for the hard copy. You may also order online at, or

Swarm Organisation
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