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Swarm Academy

Become a successful team member in any organisation. Learn how to use the Swarm Solution

Swarm Organisation

The Swarm Practitioner

As a Swarm Practitioner you will learn how Swarm works and how you can use it to become a highly valued team member in any (Swarm) organisation.

Note: Courses will start May 2021

The Swarm Coach

As a Swarm Coach you will learn how to support other swarm users or swarm groups with coaching sessions and providing them with supporting feedback. You will learn how to use the Swarm Multi Scan tool to identify group status and progress.

Note: Courses will start June 2021

Swarm Organisation
Swarm Organisation

The Swarm Master

The Swarm Master is a Swarm Organisation accredited professional that introduces individuals and/or organisations to the SWARM Model with presentations, consults and training.

Note: Courses will start Sept. 2021

Anybody can learn to use the Swarm Solution.

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