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SWARM Academy

Be successful in any organisation. Learn to use SWARM

Innovatieve wendbare organisaties

Academy Practitioner
Swarm Organisation

The Swarm Practitioner

As a Swarm Practitioner you will learn how Swarm works and how you can use it to become a highly valued team member in any (Swarm) organisation.

As a Swarm Practitioner you develop a completely different understanding of how organisations function. This knowledge makes you more adaptive, innovative and communicative, making you a more valuable and flexible employee. The training is intended for people who work or want to work in Swarm organisations, but it also works for you as an individual within any organisation. You will learn how, using the Swarm model, you can recognize your own (organisational) behaviour, improve it and make it more future-proof. Last but not least, as a Swarm Practitioner you will learn how to get more motivation and joy out of your work. 

The Course

  • Is based on self-study, is modular in design and can be followed at your own pace. 

  • Consists of reading the course book and watching 9 (online) videos of about 4 to 12min. 

  • Can be completed with 2 optional live practice sessions of approximately 2.5 hours. 

  • Has weekly evaluation and / or peer review session by a certified Swarm Master. 

  • Included is the manual, the 9 online videos, 4 intervision sessions and 2 Swarm scans (in/out).

  • You will receive a Swarm Practioner certificate and 1 year free membership. 

  • Participation online course price                     € 495 

  • Life practice exercises (at 4-8p) price            € 595

Learning goals

  • Understand the challenges modern organisations face.

  • Understand the difference between hierarchical and self-organizing (Swarm) organisations.

  • Knowing which problem symptoms organisations exhibit.

  • Understand where human behaviour and swarm behaviour come from.

  • Understand why an integrated model (the Swarm Solution) is needed.

  • Understand the benefits of Swarm organisations in today's challenges.

  • Understand what value creation, culture, innovation and connection are.

  • Understand where the 3 containers come from and why they are important.

  • Understand where the 12 elements come from and how they achieve them.

  • Understand where and when Swarm Organisation is working and when not.

  • Determine your own (organisational) behaviour and improvement options using the Swarm Scan.

  • Being able to apply the Swarm elements.

Overview of the Course

Module 1. Introduction to Swarm Organisation. About the why, the what and the benefits.

Module 2. The need for value creation

Module 3. About organisation culture

Module 4. About innovation

Module 5. About connection

Module 6. Adaptive Capacity (Culture) and the 4 elements.

Module 7. Innovative Capacity and the 4 elements.

Module 8. Connective Capacity and the 4 elements.

Module 9. Using the SWARM model.

Optional. Skills development: practical situations & application.

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Anybody can learn to use the Swarm Solution.

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