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wendbare organisaties


On this site you can

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Sign up for SWARM events


Where can you get more information about SWARM Seminars and Masterclasses? Meet the people of SWARM? And how can you sign up? 


Learn about SWARM 

What is a Swarm Organisation? And what is the Swarm Solution? Where does it come from? What does it mean? And why will it help you?

Swarm Organisation
Swarm Organisation

Find out how to get started


Where can you get more information about Swarm Organisations? How will you know you may need it? And how can you implement it?


Learn to use SWARM

How do you become more self-organizing? Is there any training can you follow? How can you use it? And what opportunities will it bring you? 

Swarm Organisation
SWARM Organisation

Discover your adaptive capacity


Dealing with change requires adaptivity. But how can you improve that? And how adaptive are you now? Would you like to know?


Watch free SWARM videos

Like to watch rather than read? Watch free videos about the origins of Swarm, our free webinar and some cool insights and take aways.

SWARM Organisation
Swarm Organisation


Discover and join the movement

How can you find and connect to other people that use the Swarm Solution? Ask them questions and learn form their experiences? And find Articles and Blogs on the subject?

Consulting Professionals

Swarm Organisation offers excellent opportunities for independent organisation consultants to expand their portfolio and market. For more information about this, please contact us and ask about our affiliate program.

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