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SWARM Academy

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Innovatieve wendbare organisaties

Academy Master
Swarm Organisation

The Swarm Master

The Swarm Master is a Swarm Organisation accredited professional that introduces individuals and/or organisations to the SWARM Model with presentations, consults and training.

As a Swarm Master you can independently perform swarm training courses and supervise organizational development processes. This allows you to expand your portfolio as an organizational developer and thus offer a larger package of services to clients. You can do this as a self-employed person under the "flag" of Swarm Organization BV, but also as a fully independent franchisee of the concept. Swarm Masters are expected to become members of the Swarm Organization members site, where they have access to all knowledge development, training materials and the swarm multi-scan application. Swarm Masters meet twice a year for an update of developments of the swarm model.

The training

  • Assumes you already are a swarm coach and have experience in education and training

  • Focuses mainly on the areas of presentation, acquisition and knowledge transfer.

  • Is based on self-study, has a modular structure and can be followed at your own pace.

  • Consists of 7 modules approx. 30min + 3 half-days with practical exercise sessions.

  • Evaluation sessions are only weekly classroom sessions.

  • Includes materials such as the course book, videos, multi-scan and evaluations.

  • Is always given by a permanent employee of Swarm Organization B.V.

  • Min 1p - max 4p                                                           € 4895.

  • Swarm Organization membership                             € 1250 per year.

Learning goals

  • To know the SWARM business concept

  • Mastering presentation skills, technique, preparation and execution.

  • Mastering conducting a consultancy / acquisition conversation.

  • To know the VARK learning system.

  • Managing knowledge transfer by means of integral teaching and micro teaching method.

  • Mastering knowledge evaluation and correction.


Mod 1. The SWARM business model

Mod 2. Presentation skills

Mod 3. Client consulting.

Mod 4. The VARK learning system.

Mod 5. Micro teaching - Integral teaching

Mod 6. Skills development.

Mod 7. Skills evaluation and correction.

3 x ½ day practice sessions.

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