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A new key realisation about organisations

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

People come up with all sorts of reasons why organisations don’t deliver the expected results. Yet most CEO’s agree, these reasons can all be brought back to the three main success factors for any organisation: Innovation, Cultural Adaptation and Connection. Now let’s assume these convictions are correct. Then what influences these success factors? And how can we improve them?

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Swarm Organisation

In the last 75 years, business managers have developed many theories, methods and systems to improve the performance of organisations. For those familiar with the subject, theories as presented by Fayol, Taylor, Weber, Douglas & McGregor, et al, will definitely ring a bell. In recent years several new models were added to these, like McKinsey’s 7s model, Management by Objectives, the Learning Organisation and ideas that revolve around new ways of Leadership. And although all these ideas have definitely been of help, they also seem to have one thing in common. They all more or less focus on improving topics around hierarchy, formal structure, central leadership and control. In other words, they all try to ‘repair or modify’ industrial age organisation models to fit the organisation requirements of the digital age.