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The Adaptation Gap

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

You may have noticed it: it’s getting harder and harder to get things organised. But why? and what can we do about it?

Swarm Organisation, Future Proof Organisation, Adaptive Organisation Innovative Organisation Connective Organisation

In the last 25 years the rate of change in our world has increased to the point where traditional, hierarchal structured organisations no longer function. The difference between the exponential change and our adaptation, creates an adaptation gap. As a result, organisations fail to create value and experience an increase in stakeholder inequality and eco-system mismatches. And as the changes increase, so will the problems. But where will we find a future proof organisation model? Luckily, we have a mentor that always shows us the way: Mother nature.

To cope with the extreme changes in our civilisation, future proof organisations will have to be ultra-adaptive. They have to be very flexible, innovative and connected. Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved with traditional hierarchic structures. In nature however, organised collectives of more than 50 individuals, don’t use hierarchic structure at all. They use self-organisation. Such collectives use a unique set of operating principles that allow them to adapt to any eventuality in their environment. They are highly connected, flexible and innovative and they respond with lightning speed to any change. The phenomenon is known as Swarming or Swarm Intelligence and has been used by nature for over 250 million years.

SWARM™ is a new and innovative organisation model that combines both human- and swarm properties in a ‘best of both worlds’ solution, designed to address this challenge. It gives a clear frame work for creating a flexible, self-organising collective. But first and foremost, it provides in-depth insights, guidelines and a clear methodology to create the required Mind Shift in people from structured- to self-organising collectives.

Watch our free SWARM videos, to learn more about developing a future proof mindset. Or sign up for one of our masterclasses or courses

Evert Bleijenberg MBA

SWARM Organisation

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