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Increase Profits With The Swarm Book

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Evert Bleijenberg
Evert Bleijenberg MBA

If you came here to find a solution to declining profits, you’re in the right spot. Because the good news is that most likely you (try too) work in a hierarchical organisation. Bad news is they no longer work, if in fact they ever worked at all. To find your way back to better times, you need a radical new approach to how you organise your company.

The industrial revolution was all about mass production. The aim was to increase quality while lowering the price. To achieve this, we build very large production facilities where thousands of people worked together, doing monotonous repetitive work. This led to the creation of extensive structure, processes and control, and the inevitable hierarchy. The industrial age was all about the balance between labour and capital. But remarkably, quite some people and organisations seem to have missed the fact that the industrial age is over. We’ve entered the digital age. Virtually nothing we knew about business stayed the same and only very few of the old principles still apply. So why do we still believe in and use, the same old organisation models, policies and educated skills of an obsolete system? And why do we then wonder that our former successes disappeared?

Adaptive self-organisation is the way forward! We have observed the behaviour of animals in large groups (Swarms) and concluded that these are extremely adaptive and efficient. Much more so than Human organisations. New insights came to light and from this we developed the SWARM Organisation model. This new organisation model combines the essential properties from both Human and Natural organisation systems. The rational-intuitive approach of SWARM Organisation improves the adaptive, innovative and connective capacity of your organisation and improves motivation and overall appreciation of all stakeholders. And this undoubtably translates in better commercial results!

This intriguing book will help you understand the why and what of SWARM Organisation and how to take the first steps to implement it in your organisation. It was published 2020 and since then has started to bring this new and innovative organisation model to the market. Are you a entrepreneur, business manager or policy maker? Then you cannot afford to miss this innovation.

Swarm Organisation

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