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  • Evert

3 steps to SWARM Organisation

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Most people are quite familiar with traditional organisation structures, right? But self-organising collectives are something different and most of us have never seen anything like it. Now let’s say you’d like to use this innovation to build a future proof organisation, what steps would you have to take to create the transformation?

The necessity for adaptation is always driven by some event or force. Simply said: “any action evokes a reaction”. Some of you will recognise this famous physics law of Sir. Isaac Newton. And remarkably it seems to be universal for anything in our world and apply not only physical things, but also to organisations. Such force or event may come in the form of technology, policies, demographics or ecology, yet they all have one thing in common: They induce change. And in today’s world these changes are gigantic and require extreme adaptive capacity.

Step 1: Embrace the primary principles of self-organising systems.

It is undeniable. The whole of nature, in fact the whole universe, is an e