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Daimler CEO Discusses New "Swarm Organisation Method".

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

In an interview with Germany’s Wirtschaftswoche, Daimler CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche explained that the automotive group will implement "swarm organisation management techniques" to "enable more rapid development in emerging critical areas" including e-mobility, according to a report by Green Car Congress.

Green Car Congress explains the "swarm organisation method" by saying that it "supplements the hierarchical-management pyramid with cross-functional and interdisciplinary groups and eventually replaces them."

We aren't business majors, so we can't say for sure how the "swarm organisation method" works, but we do know from the word of Zetsche that the goal of the method is to accomplish development more quickly, which would indicate that Daimler is hoping to fast-track electric cars. Daimler will achieve this by eliminating some of the decision-making levels in the field of e-mobility. Daimler's goal is to