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Will AI-Robots take our jobs? The balance between Economics and Human Swarm Intelligence

Updated: Jun 10


In a recent interview, Tesla CEO Elon musk, announced that he is shifting his focus from making cars to Al-robots. And when a titan of industry makes such a remarkable statement, it begs the question: Why?

The changing landscape of robotics

In our traditional view, robots are only suitable for low-skilled, dirty, heavy, dangerous and monotonous jobs. However, with the rapid advancement of Al technology, robots are evolving into intelligent, efficient entities that will soon outperform humans in creative, administrative, and even managerial roles. One day the CEO of a company or the President of a Country, could be a robot. While some welcome this development, others point out that it comes with profound and even dire implications. Experts predict that within a mere 25 years, Al-driven robots could take over 60% of all jobs, leaving many people without their livelihoods. Given this grim forecast, why would Musk promote such development? Why would anyone promote the eradication of his/her own revenue creating capacity?

There is a simple reason

It is, of course, about money. Just consider the economics. With an income of $45,000 and a maximum of 1600 workable hours annually, the average human employee costs approx. $30 per hour. In contrast, an android robot would roughly cost $200,000 spread over a decade. The machine easily works 8000hrs. a year bringing the hourly cost down to just $2.50 per hour. Moreover, it doesn't need any breaks, vacations or benefits. Owning a robot could potentially make you rich very fast.

Being Human & using Swarm Intelligence:

There are however several areas where AI or Robots still cannot compete with humans. Specific capabilities that will not change for the foreseeable future and that multiply as humans deepen their cooperation.

  1. Being Human: How ever smart, fast or cheap any AI Robot will ever be, it lacks a fundamental property: It doesn't have a soul. Although we often don't acknowledge this, human empathy is a imperative part of many professional occupations. We know AI can simulate this, yet we all also know it's just another program.

  2. Robots are getting extremely dexterous, yet mostly just within a single expertise - like soldering printed circuit boards or spraypainting cars. We often overlook the extreme versatility of the human body. Just look at what human hands can do and you'll quickly agree we have yet to find any Robot that will even get close to that.

  3. But probably the most humbling realisation is when we consider the truly awesome capabilties of humans when they combine their collective knowledge, skills, intuition and energy. Just like natural swarms create swarm intelligence that transcends the capabilties of any animal, a human swarm will create an intelligence that's of the scale and definitly the master of any AI.

A Nice Way Forward:

So what's the verdict. Robots and AI will definitely create a new era for the human race and in that era many day to day things will be taken ove by these machines. Like with any new technology, this will come with its challenges and drawbacks. Probably quite some people will have to go find another way to make a living. However we also have to acknowledge that 'work' in general is not mankinds' preferred expenditure of time. Moreover, who really feels comfortable with the idea of being a "Human Resource" destined to work every day and pay taxes. I rather think of myself as a biological sentient being that was put on Earth to enjoy the beauty of life. Clearly being human and being together with other humans, has my preference when it comes to living my life.


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Evert Bleijenberg MBA

SWARM Organisation

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